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SteckO Adapters

System SteckO® Mining Adapters

Tiefenbach North America are pleased to offer two types of SteckO adapters to service the performance requirements of the mining industry. System SteckO was the first staple coupling used in mining. After many years of service SteckO is now recognized as the most reliable and comprehensive product range available. Super SteckO is a high performance staple adapter. It was introduced to increase essential performance and safety standards to match the advancement of mining technology. Both System SteckO® and Super SteckO® are endorsed and proven in underground mining applications world-wide.

SteckO staple hydraulic hose connectors are the preferred choice used in longwall coal mining operations worldwide. 

Super SteckO is a high performance staple adaptor. It was introduced to increase essential performance and safety standards to match the advancement of coal mining technology. Both system SteckO and Super SteckO with its unique design permits quick and easy connections in confined spaces which are essential to maintain and support underground coal mining and mobile equipment. The recently designed SteckO Slimlok and Super Slimlok range with the sunken staple concept now provides a snag free, cost effective slimline adaptor program.

The SteckO®

The SteckO® staple concept allows for high-pressure connections in confined spaces while eliminating torsional stress. The simple to install SteckO® System requires no spanners as the male and female end terminations are held together by a U-shaped staple with square cross section.

Super SteckO®

Super SteckO® is a high performance long life staple adapter based on the System SteckO concept. Enhancements provide:

  • Larger bore, high pressure capability
  • Increased durability and impulse life
  • Compatibility with multi-spiral hose applications

Following extensive testing and usage within mining, Super SteckO® has proven to be the high performance staple adapter of the future. The unique design of the Super SteckO® Staple provides the basis for high dynamic performance. Extensive research and development shows that the patented laminated staple design provides energy absorption that significantly increases the dynamic capabilities of the assembly.

Super SteckO® hydraulic hose end terminations are approved for use with the ParLock hose fitting range and the ParLock hoses with working pressures of 420 bar. The "D" shaped staple is suitable for use with the Super SteckO® fitting range and is approved for 1,000,000 cycles at 120 % working pressure (497 bar).

SteckO® are available with the Parkrimp range of hydraulic hose self assembly machinery. The range is available from 1/4” to 2” from two wire braid to six wire spiral.

Tiefenbach North America carries a complete line of hydraulic hoses, fittings, valves, pumps and adaptors used for longwall coal mining.

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